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Which saves money, manual cartoning or automatic cartoning machine?


The output of traditional manual small box packaging is 60 pieces/min (the data comes from the ointment workshop of a pharmaceutical factory), which generally requires 4 people/shift to complete (including the folded instructions and batch number printing). If the production speed of 120 pieces/min is taken as an example, plus 1 person to assist, the small box filling work needs 9 people/shift to complete, and the production cost of the small box filling of ointment in one year is calculated by 2 (shifts/day), as shown in the figure below, in which the equipment is depreciated by 10 years, and the building is depreciated by 20 years, 250 working days/year, 8 hours/shift.
Production cost of manual packaging of ointment for one year
If domestic automatic cartoning machine is equipped for production, take the production capacity of automatic cartoning machine 150 boxes/min (MTK-200) as an example, and take the cartoning production speed of 120 pieces/min as an example, which only needs 1 person/shift to complete, plus 1 person/shift and 2 shifts/day for auxiliary. The production and operation costs of the post-processing packaging of the ointment for one year are shown in the following table, in which the equipment is depreciated by 10 years, the building is depreciated by 20 years, the working day is 250 days/year, and the working hour is 8 hours/shift.
Production cost of full-automatic cartoning machine for one year
It can be seen from this that the difference between the annual production costs of the traditional manual cartoning and automatic cartoning machines for ointment is about:
46679-22324=24355 yuan/year
If the automatic cartoning machine is used to pack the ointment products in small boxes, the cost saved will be recovered within 3 years, and the equipment of other dosage forms can also be estimated according to this method, and the result is the same diameter. Therefore, the economic analysis of the automatic cartoning machine also shows that it has a broad potential market. For domestic product cartoning, if there is no cartoning machine for cartoning, it may lead to high production cost and high labor intensity of product cartoning. Some people have calculated that the average cost of the cartoning process of a box of products accounts for about 5-6% of the total cost. Therefore, product packaging equipment is an important equipment for the long-term development of a factory. Moreover, the equipment is better managed than the labor, avoiding many uncertain factors and saving management costs.