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Food cartoning machine

  • STZ-120Multi-bag biscuit plastic cartoning machine
    STZ-120Multi-bag biscuit plastic cartoning machine
    Multi-bag biscuit plastic cartoning machine belongs to non-standard customized equipment. The equipment automatically manages and counts materials, and automatically transports 12 bags of bagged food to the feeding silo. The cartoning machine breaks the traditional carton packaging method and uses transparent plastic boxes to seal the boxes, improving the beauty of the products. Due to the large size of the box, the plastic box is sealed by spraying glue. If the size of the box is small, the tongue type sealing method can be used.
  • ST-260Automatic Carton Packing Machine
    ST-260Automatic Carton Packing Machine
    The automatic cartoning machine for prefabricated vegetables mainly adopts the model STZ-260 machine. Large packaging specifications and wide range. It can be used to pack cooked food such as crayfish, pickled fish, boiled rice, takeaway fast food, covered rice and so on. The cartoning machine adopts a double suction box (upper and lower suction boxes) linkage structure. The size of the lower box is accurate and stable, greatly improving the failure rate of the lower box. This machine adopts domestic (foreign) well-known brand electrical components, and the performance of standard execution components is stable and reliable. (OMRON, Cisco, Schneider, ADK, etc.). With the functions of fault display, alarm and finished product counting, it is visual and convenient for regular maintenance and troubleshooting. Automatically kick out the finished packaging products that are lack of packaging materials or instructions to ensure the quality of the finished packaging products. It can automatically connect the front end to the bag packaging machine, and the back end to the heat shrinking packaging machine, coding machine, etc., with a high degree of automation.
  • Automatic moon cake cartoning machine
    Automatic moon cake cartoning machine
    The body of the moon cake automatic box sealing machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is clean, clean and corrosion resistant. The front end is equipped with a large material warehouse, which is convenient for workers to take. Automatic box opening (suction), manual placement, feeding, box sealing, waste detection and other processes are adopted, with stable operation and low noise.
  • Automatic bagging machine for chocolate
    Automatic bagging machine for chocolate
    The bagged chocolate cartoning machine is a non-standard customized equipment, which can pack cartons with smaller thickness, and the minimum thickness of cartons can reach 10mm. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is smooth and easy to clean. It is suitable for cartoning small products.
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