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Nucleic acid reagent automatic packaging machine

Overview of nucleic acid reagent automatic packaging machine:

1. Five kinds of materials are packed in a box, and the quantity of ten people and one person are common; The stable speed of the cartoning machine is 25-45 boxes/minute.
2. The reagent tube is packed by a pillow bag machine with 10 pieces and automatically connected for feeding. The four-sided sealing materials are automatically fed by the counting machine. The cotton swab material is automatically cut by the cutting machine, and then automatically fed into the cartoning machine. Add garbage bags manually. The manual is automatically folded by the folding machine and added to a group of materials (the paper box can also be pushed together with the materials at the push port).
3. After the pillow bag materials fly into the cartoning machine, each feeding machine starts work as required, completes various material handling actions according to the packaging requirements, and then accurately and neatly adds the materials into the cartoning machine transport compartment.
4. The material detection optical fiber of the cartoning machine detects that there is material in the conveyor belt compartment (no material idling), and outputs the filling instruction and the suction box instruction. The pushing mechanism pushes the added group of materials into the open carton at the pushing station (the pushing has safety protection, and the jamming stops). After the carton is closed, the finished product is output, and the products without boxes are removed.