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Automatic cartoning machine for tampon

Automatic cartoning machine for tampon:
1. The tampon is automatically arranged and packed into a box, each box can contain 8, 16, 24 and 32 pieces of materials, plus a manual.
2. The bulk materials are manually placed on the feeding conveyor belt of the material handling machine; The material shall be transported forward one by one in 4 lines of strip direction after transportation; After arriving at the exit position, it shall be sorted into a group of conveyor belts for pushing the bin separation of the cartoning host according to the packaging requirements.
3. A group of materials enters the transport compartment of the cartoning host. After the material is detected by the material detection optical fiber, the host PLC control system outputs the suction box and the instructions (no material idling). The push mechanism pushes all the group of materials into the cartons that are stuck at the bottom of the cartons at the push station (the push mechanism has safety protection, and the jamming stops). After the cartons that are loaded with materials are closed, the qualified products are output, and the unqualified products are removed and collected separately.