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Medical surgical line packaging production line

Wenzhou Shengtai Mechanical Medical Operation Line Packaging and Connecting Equipment:
1) The packaging production line is equipped with a counting machine with a stable running speed of 25~40 boxes/minute. The counting machine needs to be increased when the speed is increased, and the stable speed of the incoming and outer paper sleeves is controlled at less than 60 boxes/minute.
2) The maximum required space can be controlled within 13.5 meters long and 4 meters wide.
3) The packing method shown in the figure is the side push loading method, which is actually made according to the requirements.
Workflow description of paper-plastic sheet packaging equipment for operating line:
1. Non-standard customized products automatic blanking machine, paper tray blanking machine and manual folding machine: the automatic paper feeding machine places the paper tray on the rear end of the feeding machine's conveying compartment; The counting machine counts the materials according to the packaging requirements and puts them into the front of the conveying compartment; The manual folding machine will fold the manual and put it on the counted group of materials. The loaded group of materials is pushed into the paper tray placed on the side, and finally the paper tray loaded with materials enters the paper cover machine for conveying.
2. Automatic product cartoning equipment: when the material detection photoelectricity detects that there is material, the PLC control system of the outer paper jacket machine outputs the outer paper jacket command; A group of material paper holders and outer paper sleeves run to the push part at the same time. The push head pushes the material into the outer paper sleeve. The push part has a safety protection function. When the push is jammed, the machine stops. After the outer paper sleeve is sleeved, the finished product is output.
3. The product with the outer paper sleeve will enter the three-dimensional packaging machine and be wrapped for output and packing.
4. Three-dimensional packaged products enter the main platform of the packing machine, the unpacking machine unpacks and seals the cartons to the packing position, the box turning mechanism turns the cartons opened and sealed to the packing position, and the packing machine chopping department stacks the products according to the packing requirements; Then the pushing part at the side of the packing machine pushes the product into the carton, and the box turning mechanism returns to its position. After the carton is sealed by the box sealing machine, the finished product is output.