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Cartoning machine - packing machine online

Description of the working process of connecting the cartoning machine to the cartoning machine:
1. The material is output to the connecting conveyor belt, which will fly the material into the continuous feeding conveyor belt of the cartoning machine.
2. When the material detection photoelectricity detects that there is material, the PLC control system of the cartoning machine outputs the order to lower the carton. During the operation of the carton, the cartoning machine will detect it at the same time to prevent the shortage of cartons and the carton is not opened, the shortage of cartons or the carton is not opened, and the cartoning machine will stop alarming; The material and the carton run at the same time to reach the pushing part, and the pushing head pushes the material into the carton; The pushing department has the safety protection function. When the pushing is stuck, the machine stops: the packing box of the material is sealed by a series of actions, such as small tongue, glue spraying and box pressing, and then the finished product is output.
3. The boxed products enter the main platform of the packing machine: the unpacking machine opens the back cover of the carton to enter the packing position, and the box turner loosens the opened back cover of the carton to the side of the box; The palletizing department of the packing machine stacks the products according to the packing requirements; Then the pushing part at the side of the packing machine pushes the product into the carton: the box turning mechanism returns to its position, and the carton sealing machine seals the carton and outputs the finished product.