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Packaging connection between pillow packaging machine and cartoning machine

Connection between pillow packing machine and cartoning machine:
1. The products packed in six bags are packed with pillow packing machine and then enter into the servo flyer conveyor belt of the connecting feeder; The servo compartment conveyor belt quickly moves one compartment after each compartment is fed with two bags of materials, so that each compartment is loaded with two bags of stacked materials and transported forward; The material handling and pushing mechanism pushes the six bags of materials in the three compartments that have reached the pushing position together to the conveying belt (there is no extra space between the compartments except for the partition, so the materials are relatively compact when pushing out the six bags of materials; the pushing mechanism returns to the lifting position); The delivery belt sends the material to the online feeding position. In order to ensure stability during delivery, the material is clamped by the auxiliary pressure belt.
2. When the materials are in place, the machine will push a group of six packs of materials into the bin of the conveyor belt of the machine.
3. The optical fiber of the suction signal of the cartoning machine detects that there is material in the conveyor belt compartment (no material idling), and outputs the suction command. The pushing mechanism pushes the material into the open carton at the pushing station. After the carton is sealed by closing the small tongue and spraying glue, the finished product is output, and the unqualified products are removed.
Note: Packing method: 6 bags in one box;
Pillow machine speed 140 bags/minute;
The stable speed of the cartoning machine is 40~60 boxes/minute.