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9 factors to consider when purchasing cartoning machine


Buying a cartoning machine is the same as finding a wife. It is not necessarily good to choose the beautiful and expensive ones, but the ones that are suitable for you are the most important. So what factors should we consider when purchasing horizontal cartoners? Next, Xiao Wang will help you analyze the performance of the horizontal cartoning machine and how to select the manufacturer of the cartoning machine.
1. Equipment technology
Stable and durable equipment is designed to better resist external forces and vibration generated by equipment operation. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the manufacturer of the horizontal cartoning machine uses high-quality spare parts when purchasing. Ask the equipment manufacturer for the main configuration and brand of the equipment. Our Shengtai Machinery will provide a standard list of spare parts before delivery.
2. Experience of cartoning machine manufacturers
When selecting equipment, the equipment design and application experience of the equipment packaging machine manufacturer should also be considered. Make sure that the packaging machine manufacturer takes into account all your requirements, from workshop space, budget constraints, to packaging methods and speed. If your equipment needs to be produced in three shifts a day, you should buy a cartoning machine that meets your production time requirements. You can also ask whether there are videos of relevant cases.
3. Credit and reliability
It is also important that the reputation and financial status of the cartoner manufacturer in the industry are stable. Make sure that the manufacturer can provide you with technical support and after-sales service in the years to come after the equipment is installed.
4. Customization
Select a cartoning machine manufacturer that can customize horizontal cartoning machines in terms of technology, and customize a device that meets your requirements according to your products to meet your real needs. The so-called customized equipment is generally automatic material handling or wiring, and some are based on the change of some packaging methods during the product packaging process. When it is complex, it is even necessary to redesign an important part of the equipment. The cartoner manufacturer should have the experience of all equipment manufacturing and the ability to customize equipment, and provide comprehensive technical solutions.
5. Flexibility
After you purchase the equipment, the packaging requirements may change in the future. Then, when selecting the horizontal cartoning machine, we should also consider all aspects. If the size of the carton or product may change in the future, you should consult the manufacturer to ensure that the equipment you buy can be modified, or that the current equipment can pack different sizes. And the speed of packaging should also ensure that it can meet your future production.
6. Size of the device
When selecting the manufacturer of the cartoning machine, you should select the appropriate equipment size according to your own workshop size. According to the size of your factory building, Shengtai Machinery will generally draw a schematic diagram to plan the placement position, and select the most suitable horizontal cartoning machine for your factory size.
7. Be able to connect with front and rear equipment
The horizontal cartoning machine is generally located at the middle end of the packaging line of the production line. Make sure that the horizontal cartoning machine you buy can be connected with the front-end or back-end equipment. A packaging production line also includes a variety of other equipment, such as four-sided sealing packaging machine, pillow packaging machine and wrapping machine, as well as the subsequent packing machine and stacking machine. If you only buy a horizontal cartoner, make sure that your cartoner manufacturer knows how to connect the production line.
8. Delivery time
Current customers require fast delivery. If customized, the cartoner manufacturer is generally required to deliver the equipment within the agreed time limit.
9. Technical service support
After the equipment is installed in the factory, the cartoner manufacturer should continue to provide technical support. Find out whether the cartoner manufacturer can provide 24-hour after-sales service. If you and the cartoner manufacturer are in different areas, if you need door-to-door service, make sure you can arrive within the specified time. In terms of spare parts supply, ensure that the cartoner manufacturer has enough spare parts.
Generally, Wenzhou Shengtai Machinery will provide training on the installation of customers' equipment, operators, maintenance and electrical technology after delivering a new equipment. Therefore, it is very important to select a cartoning machine manufacturer that can provide comprehensive training services.