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Standard operating instructions for automatic cartoning machine


Standard Operating Instructions for Wenzhou Shengtai Mechanical Automatic Cartoning Machine
1. Preparations before operation:
Check whether the working parts, power supply voltage and air pressure of the equipment are normal.
2. Operating procedures:
The cartons and instructions are stacked neatly on the silo, and the coding machine loads the batch number steel characters as required. After the operation, clean the equipment according to the cleaning standard operating procedures and make the equipment operation records.
3. Precautions for operation:
During the operation of the cartoning machine, no hands or other objects are allowed to reach into the moving parts, and no other foreign matters are allowed to enter. When the automatic cartoning machine needs to be checked in case of fault shutdown, the "emergency stop" button must be pressed in time to stop the automatic cartoning machine equipment and the motor and other parts of the conveyor belt before equipment maintenance can be carried out to ensure the safety of operators. Do not start up and run the equipment again in a short time after each shutdown. Due to the high charge generated by the frequency converter after the power on/off operation, in order to ensure personal safety and prevent damage to the frequency converter, the power supply cannot be switched on within 5 minutes after the power supply of the cartoning machine is turned off.
4. Maintenance procedures:
The movable shaft of the horizontal automatic cartoning machine shall be lubricated once every day when going to and from work, the lubricating oil tank shall be cleaned regularly every month, and the lubricating oil shall be replaced once a year. The lubricating oil is No. 30 engine oil. Always check the air circuit. The filter of suction box and vacuum generator of suction manual shall be fixed and cleaned once a month.
5. Abnormality and handling:
During operation, pay attention to whether the sound of the cartoner is normal. If there is abnormal noise, stop the operation immediately and report it to the workshop maintenance personnel for maintenance.
Some faults: 1. The paper box is not opened during operation, and the equipment stops automatically. After troubleshooting, restart the machine. 2. The cartoning machine instructions If the bin box lacks the instructions, the missing carton will be removed at the scrapping position at the exit of the cartoning machine. If the package lacks the instructions for three consecutive times, the cartoning machine will stop automatically. The machine needs to be restarted after being checked and eliminated by the staff. 3. When the lack of materials is put into the box, the corresponding lack of cartons will be removed at the scrap location at the exit of the carton packaging machine. 4. In case of mechanical overload during operation, the cartoning machine will stop automatically. The staff can press the inching button to remove the unopened cartons and restart the cartoning machine. 5. If there are other unknown sudden faults, the power should be cut off immediately, and the production can be resumed only after the maintenance confirms that there is no problem.