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Briefly describe the fault and treatment of horizontal box loading machine


During the use of the horizontal cartoning machine, some parts will be deformed, worn and corroded. If some improper operation can cause the automatic cartoning machine to not work normally, the reason is basically the change of the working relationship and relative position of different parts of the automatic cartoning machine, which leads to the failure of some working conditions to reach the normal operating conditions, and the decline or even loss of the operation ability of the automatic cartoning machine.
Common faults generally include difficulty in starting the engine, increased fuel consumption, power reduction or other abnormal phenomena, such as oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage, abnormal noise, etc. The serious ones will cause the horizontal automatic cartoning machine to fail to work. When some indicators exceed the fault range of equipment operation, it is called machine fault. The horizontal cartoning machine has a failure and needs to be stopped in time. The staff or contact the manufacturer to find a solution, and should take necessary technical measures to eliminate it in time. The cartoning machine equipment with mechanical failure cannot continue to be used. Otherwise, the service life of the Shengtai cartoning machine will be reduced. In the past, a vicious cycle will be formed, which will aggravate the wear of vulnerable parts or components, and even lead to accidental damage.
Some simple machine faults can be eliminated after regular and correct maintenance and adjustment, such as excessive or small valve clearance, insufficient internal pressure of fuel injector due to improper adjustment, water leakage, oil leakage, gas leakage and other phenomena caused by loose screws or pipe damage. Wenzhou Shengtai Automatic Cartoning Machine reminds all enterprises to regularly check and maintain the machine. Generally, we will attach the equipment instructions when shipping, There are specific maintenance procedures.
In case of serious failure, conventional maintenance methods cannot solve it, such as valve leakage, piston ring wear, oil pump plunger wear, etc. It is necessary to contact Shengtai Machinery to replace parts, and contact after-sales personnel of Wenzhou Shengtai Machinery for technical guidance.